The Rambling Verses
by Kevin Whibley

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When powering your go kart
Your momentum is much greater
When the child in front puts brakes on hard
You'll become a terminator
For twenty five years
Captured Moment in Fleet
Has been working its magic
A photographical treat.
People get quite shirty
'bout the work of MI5
But combined with other Ms and such
They keep us all alive
Now could they talk
We think "No Way!"
But if they could
What would they say?
Does cheese grow on trees
'cos those slices look like leaves
So what if you child's teacher
Puts an "e" and not an "a"
On a board outside the classroom
Saying what's for lunch today
F'ing Monday morning
School run should be fun
F'ing Monday morning
Drivers everyone
"What is this rash upon my bum?"
"Where can I buy a curry?"
"How do I put a fire out?"
"Come on! I'm in a hurry!"
In winter it kept my head warm
Stopped the summer sun from burning
I never saw its benefits
Till the tide of change was turning
So lets start with the bad ones
Who think that they can sing
We all laugh at their audacity
But here's a little thing
I saved the World again today
Some awful thing somewhere
I did my best to sort it out
I did a Facebook Share
If everyone comes in first place
In everything they do
We can not tell what our strengths are
Or what we're weak at too
Marmite helps me grow
You know how I know
Today is national poetry day
I ought to write a verse
Oliver was different,
But not in a big way.
As when Oliver was writing,
His letters fell round the wrong way.
So Edward Snowden whistle blower
Has said of our smart phone
That it is now a pocket spy
That we are not alone
Now Romeo is a fickle bloke
When it comes to Rosaline,
As he spies young Juliet instead,
And decides “She'll do just fine.”
At 10:15 the dinner ladies
Huddle round in packs
Deciding on your tasty lunch
And lovely break-time snacks
I went to take a selfie
I thought it would be fun
From Kidderminster to Bewdley
Arley, Highley, Hampton Loade
And Finishing in Bridgenorth
Runs our cherished loved railroad.
Pub debates are pointless
When you can Google who is right
And the pub quiz is redundant
As an entertainment night
When I opened up my little Shop
I did not negotiate
"Because I'm bringing business in
Can I pay a different rate?"
Now Disney films were great to watch
I loved them as a child
But the thousandth watch of Frozen
Will drive any adult wild

What an astounding wind of change
The birth of a new train
As Tornado blows along the track
And Steam is back again

Groups were created
on subjects diverse
From the boring, exciting
and sometimes perverse
Where Have All The Good Shops Gone?
Our High Street once had many
But now when ever I’m in Town
I can find hardly any
When I die, I hope I die
So I don't have to see
An omnipresent vision
Of the world that's around me
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All text and images

Copyright Kevin Whibley 2015