The Rambling Verses
by Kevin Whibley

All text and images
Copyright Kevin Whibley 2015

Captured Moment
For twenty five years
Captured Moment in Fleet
Has been working its magic
A photographical treat.

But people still wonder
“Tell us what do you do?”
So here’s some examples
Well just one or two.

We do family portraits
For big groups and small
We produce lovely frames
You can hang on your wall.

You can also have prints
In the sizes you pick
Or we can give you a disc
Or a memory stick.

Our sittings are Free
You just buy what you take
And our prices are clear
For your budgetary sake.

So so far I’ve mentioned
Things totalling three
Now we do passport photos
For every Country

So roughly speaking
that takes us to 10
It’s best we stop counting
As I’m off now again.

Location photography
Is something we do
For big massive companies
Or simply for you

Corporate head shots
To say who you are
Or your offices, buildings
Or company car.

We shoot parties at Christmas
In fact all the year
From the corporate gathering
To the family that’s near.

We can take wedding photos
Recording your day
We keep you relaxed
In our own unique way.

When the wedding days over
We don’t leave you alone
With a disc full of images
To ponder at home.

We help you produce
The most wonderful prints
And magnificent albums
We advise and give hints.

If we did not take your photos
We won’t make a fuss
Just bring in your disc
And print them with us.

We take corporate group photos
We can shoot all your team
We have staging and step stools
Making everyone seen.

We shoot playgroups and schools
We take prom photos too
In the last twenty five years
We probably took them of you

We print photos in minutes
In size big and small
We have a huge range of frames
You can hang on your wall

Our Kiosks are simple
We have a phone App
Prints done in 5 minutes
On our Pro Lab out back

If we don’t have a frame
‘cos the sizes are tight
We’ll bespoke it quite quickly
At a price that is right.

When printing up big
We check resolution is great
‘cos you don’t want an image
To just pixilate.

We don’t just print for you
We give you advice
And we don’t charge you extra
It’s all in with the price.

You’ve got a new camera
But can’t get the knack
We do one to one lessons
To keep you on track

Improve your exposure
Your lighting and flash
Get the most of that camera
After spending that cash.

We can copy your photos
Enhance and correct
Old negatives slides
That you found and collect

We can scan, photocopy
We can print, reproduce
We can laminate, bind it
Or leave pages lose.

We can rescue your photos
When you now want them back
You formatted the card
And you’re now getting flack.

So when people ask us
“What do you do?”
We say “we do everything”
You can see that it’s true.

The same can be said
Of so many in Fleet
We have so many gems
All along our High Street.

So next time you say
“We can’t get that here”
Open a door
And inside do peer.

Because behind the façade
Of shops old and new
Is a wealth of experience
And something for you.

Story behind the verse
I wanted to promote my compnay in an original way.

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All text and images
Copyright Kevin Whibley 2015