The Rambling Verses
by Kevin Whibley

All text and images
Copyright Kevin Whibley 2015

A parents guide to children's parties

There are rules for children's parties
Learn the etiquette
For if you fail to stick to them
No more invites will you get

The first is when invited
Ensure the R.S.V.P. you send
Or your child's place at the party
Goes to a "B" list rated friend

When dropping off your child to play
Note the pick up time and where
Early return is social death
Too late, your child's in care

If you stick around it is ok
If your children want you there
But if you do, it's polite to bring
Some alcohol to share

If the party is an active one
Don't be tempted to try
Your victory at Laser Quest will be
Cut short when children cry

When powering your go kart
Your momentum is much greater
When the child in front puts brakes on hard
You'll become a terminator

You decide that the pool party
Is a thing you use to do
You think "I'll try, what could go wrong?"
But your Speedos don't suit you

And at the disco,
Need I say more?
Your street creds. not improved a bit
Since you last hit the dance floor

When party food then comes around
There are key rules to bear
If helping out, to pass plates round
You can pinch a crisp with care

Sandwiches may not be pinched
'Till each child's fill is ate
Whilst sausage rolls and savouries
Can be swiped, from your own child's plate

The chocolate round is sacred
And even if passing round
You may not eat from table
But you can if on the ground

The stress of chocolate fingers
Still remaining on display
Means you can only get to eat some
If you help to clear away

But there's always an exception
This rule remains the same
In the case of Ice Ring Biscuits
They are anyone's, fair game

Story Behind The Verse
Got to love a children's party.

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All text and images
Copyright Kevin Whibley 2015