The Rambling Verses
by Kevin Whibley

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Copyright Kevin Whibley 2015

Corporate Spies

People get quite shirty
'bout the work of MI5
But combined with other Ms and such
They keep us all alive

It really does not bother me
That they're snooping on my calls
They're monitoring emails
And peering over walls

But what concerns me more than that
Sends a shiver down my spine
Is that corporate spies are everywhere
And they watch us all the time

So let's start with your Nectar Card
Or Tesco Card to hand
We tell them all our habits
For a day in Legoland

So in exchange for one day out
They plot around our spending
Seducing us with new ideas
The deals are never ending

But these aren't deals they're giving us
They are scams to make us try
The products that they think we'll like
In the hope that we will buy

The algorithms that they use
Are cunning and quite clever
They make you like them, spend more cash
And make you leave them NEVER

Your mobile phone can track you
With every pace you take
It knows where you have been
And gone, for goodness sake

So now when looking at your phone
With the knowledge of your vector
They sell your movement data on
To the advertising sector

So you're posting up on Facebook
That you're tiered and need a meal
Up pops an add, for a bar near you
Great food, Relaxing feel

So we worry 'bout our emails
Being read by different folk
But we post our life on Facebook
Now that really is a joke

You think the Billions Facebook's worth
Is from adverts on the side?
Don't be daft the money worth
Is data we provide

"But my privacy is set to be
My friends and them alone"
But servers farming data
Won't let that leave you alone

Your Oyster cards been tracking you
And now though contactless
For a cheaper fare you tell them all
And we just don't care less

I haven't touched on Google
Or my verses won't be found
And don't start me off on Amazon
Their spies are all around

"But I don't use any of these things
Due to corporate spying fears"
But you've used credit cards since '85
They've been doing this for years

"But no", I hear you all cry out
"This has a conspiratorial touch"
Believe what you like, but remember that
Your data's worth too much.

People really do not worry about the right things

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All text and images
Copyright Kevin Whibley 2015