The Rambling Verses
by Kevin Whibley

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Dyslexic Teachers

Signs are put up everywhere,
And notes are sent out too.
Quickly scribbled down, just to ensure
Information gets to you.

Now writers aren't infallible,
Mistakes creep into sight.
Do they really need correcting?
It really isn't right.

So what if your child's teacher
Puts an "e" and not an "a",
On a board outside the classroom,
Saying what's for lunch today.

It says that they're not perfect,
It says they quickly got things done,
It does not mean teachings second rate,
That their letting down your son.

If each teacher was perfect,
What a stilted group they'd be,
We want life and flair and characters,
Inspiring minds with joy and glee.

Now sometimes they make errors,
Sometimes things they can't avoid,
For example if their Dyslexic,
Should their teachings be devoid.

If so, then who upon this list
Do you think should be left out,
Of imparting information,
Using words jumbled about.

First up in our dyslexic list,
Is Alexander Graham Bell.
He created telephone,
Which went down rather well.

Pierre Currie was a Nobel scientist,
Albert Einstein you all know,
Eddison & Faraday so unique
They made electric knowledge grow.

Schneps the Astrophysicist,
Skoyles researched the Brain,
Greider, Nobel Micro Biologist,
Lovatt helped the insane.

da Vinci and Picasso,
Ansel Adams, David Bailey,
Andy Warhol, Tommy Hilfiger.
They could happily teach me.

Then there's Hans Christian Anderson,
I bet you never knew.
And I'm sure that Steven Spielberg
Could teach us all a thing or two.

And when it comes to business
We can start with Henry Ford,
And just to form a dream team
Richard Branson on the board.

So that is just a few folk
You'd question spellings that they use.
Now if they offered to teach you,
You'd be foolish to refuse.

Story Behind The Verse
An error on a school board.

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All text and images
Copyright Kevin Whibley 2015