The Rambling Verses
by Kevin Whibley

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Copyright Kevin Whibley 2015

Oliver was Different

Oliver was different,
But not in a big way.
As when Oliver was writing,
His letters fell round the wrong way.

And as for his times tables,
Learning them just took so long.
And recalling six times seven,
Would be something he’d get wrong.

The weekly test on Friday
Would be something he would dread.
Which meant, every Friday morning
He would want to stay in bed.

But Oliver loved reading.
This was something he could do.
He could recall such detail
He could tell the tales to you.

And even watching telly
He would get a complex plot,
And remember information
That the rest of us forgot.

Oliver’s imagination
Was a wonder to behold.
But because his words weren’t written down
There were stories never told.

But Oliver was determined.
Deep down he knew, he could achieve.
But when scoring just three out of ten
It was tricky to believe.

As time went by exam results,
Did not reflect his brain.
There was no point in re-sitting,
He would score the same again.

But life would take a wondrous turn,
(This was quite a big surprise.)
Whilst working in a factory,
A new process he’d devise.

With his bold imagination,
He could see the power supply,
Was very inefficient,
And polluting up the sky.

Now the bosses took convincing.
The engineers said he was wrong.
But Oliver had learnt determination,
And Oliver stayed strong.

He produced some clever drawings,
A working model of his scheme.
In the end the board decided,
To make reality his dream.

The power for the factory
Was reduced by many fold.
Soon others saw this Factory
As a Factory to behold.

Oliver’s invention
Was rolled out everywhere.
The World used much less power,
And we all got fresher air.

So when sitting in the classroom,
Don’t get down and glum.
Because until you find your talent,
You don’t know what you’ll become.

Story Behind The Verse
This is a bit autobiographical. Although for me I learned to be able to communicate what I wanted to say, I have not as yet saved the planet.
Oliver, may or may not be pleased I have used his name, but it fitted better than Kevin.

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All text and images
Copyright Kevin Whibley 2015