The Rambling Verses
by Kevin Whibley

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Pocket Spy

So Edward Snowden whistle blower
Has said of our smart phone
That it is now a pocket spy
That we are not alone

GCHQ have some clever kit
But they have called it Smurf
So now I think of small blue men
Defending England's turf

Dreamy Smurf switches on and off
Whilst Nosey Smurf Listens in
We can guess what Tracker Smurf can do
You can not hide from him

But criminals have always known
Their phones aren't safe and sound
They use them once in any deal
Then smash them on the ground

If listening in and tracking folk
Makes living life less risky
I'd rather MI5 all knew
About people terroristy

But what this story does not say
The bit they do not tell
If government can track and hear
The networks can as well

If MI5 want to spy
They need permission triplicate
If the networks want to data grab
They plug in a server gate

Of course that is illegal
And a thing they'd never do
But the possibility they could
Should worry me and you

Speech recognition software
Algorithms checking typing
Our movements everywhere we go
Sent through fibre optic piping

One bit of data's not worth much
When used in isolation
But when collected and collated
Makes a valuable creation

The question's not if our data's safe
But do we trust the taker
Do we trust the GCHQ team?
Or the corporate money maker?

Story Behind The Verse
I love these stories in the press. I always like to think of what we are not being told. That is more interesting.

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All text and images
Copyright Kevin Whibley 2015