The Rambling Verses
by Kevin Whibley

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Romeo And Juliet Abridged

The Star Crossed Lovers, Romeo and Juliet,
Is a tale, once heard, you wont forget.
Although they loved for a few short days,
This tale's been told in many ways.

Only just the day before,
Romeo thought Rosaline was, phwoah!
But one short glimpse of Juliet,
Old Rosaline he did forget.
Now between their families, there was hate.
So she didn't make a perfect mate.
The Prince had said "they'll be no more fighting!"
Which would not be helped by this love igniting.
So they decided to both run away,
To a friar for their wedding day.

Her Father knew not of this match.
He had found Paris, a perfect catch.
So Juliet threw a hissy fit!
She did not want to wed. this git!
And if she had done anyways,
Two weddings in as many days...?

In the meantime Romeo was banished.
As into Juliet's cousin, his sword had vanished!
He was let off death for a lesser fate,
As Tybalt, his victim, had just killed his mate.

Juliet made a decision and she upped and ran,
To the Friar who came with a cunning plan.
He, had a potion, to appear that she's dead,
So she went home and drank it, and got into bed.
Her nurse found her dead body, and cried out, "Oh my!"
She was now off the hook with that weird Paris guy.
Now the plan was for Romeo to be told,
"That she wasn't dead, just her life was on hold!"
But as you can guess, to make this tale truly tragic,
No one got to mention the Friar's cunning magic.

When Paris saw Romeo he challenged a Duel,
But Romeo was quite cross, so he died, silly fool!

Romeo entered her tomb to see Juliet dead,
So he drank up some poison, (he should of waited instead).
If he'd been a bit later Juliet would have woke
Why did he not saunter like a real teenage bloke?
So Juliet wakes, to a dead Romeo,
Not how the plan was intended to go.
So she drinks from the vile, but just gets a few sips,
So she tries to get more, kissing Romeo's lips.
Still not enough, she is clearly not dead,
So she picks up a knife, decides stabbing instead.

When the family turn up, they are shocked at the sight,
And conclude, very quickly, that this feud is not right.
This tragedy shows, life can change in a trice,
But their families are friends now, so it ends kind of nice.

Story Behind The Verse
My quest to make Shakespear a bit more accessible. This version is shorter with less detail than my orginal Romeo and Juliet.

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All text and images
Copyright Kevin Whibley 2015