The Rambling Verses
by Kevin Whibley

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Copyright Kevin Whibley 2015

Where Have All The Good Shops Gone?

Where Have All The Good Shops Gone?
Our High Street once had many
But now when ever I’m in Town
I can find hardly any

I just don’t understand it
They all use to be here
I always brought things from them
Why did they disappear?

I’m told it was the landlords
Getting greedy with the rent
The shops could not afford it
That’s the reason that they went

I also hear the rates were high
The government’s so mean
They taxed them out of business
That’s the reason they’re not seen

The parking is ridiculous
“Why should we pay to park?”
When we park for free at Tesco
It’s why shop windows are dark

The internet’s the other thing
Their prices are so low
I must admit when shopping
That’s the new place that I go

The internet’s convenient
I can shop sat in my chair
I can get my goods sent to me
Without going anywhere

But what I’ve noticed recently
Without competition from a store
That the prices that I see online
Are now becoming more

And the cost of the delivery
More than car fuel and to park
Now that The Good Shops Have Gone
They’re on a profiteering lark

And another thing that gets my goat
I use to check out goods in store
Then buy for less on the internet
I can’t do that any more

This is getting quite ridiculous
I want to see before I buy
How do I know what suits me
If I can’t give it a try

So Where Have All The Good Shops Gone?
I now can clearly see
It’s the internet, the rents, the rates
And the councils parking fee

So at least I now know what to blame
For the high streets dereliction
When I can not find the goods I want
To satisfy my predilection

So as I sit and have a coffee
Get my hair done, do my nails
I can gossip of our street gone by
Recounting wondrous shopping tales

And as we blame a new economy
On the street scene we now see
I get the sudden realisation
That the change is down to me

Story Behind The Verse
I spend my life online especially on Facebook trying to say that business does not close down if people use them. If we use business then market forces will sort out rent rates etc.

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All text and images
Copyright Kevin Whibley 2015