The Rambling Verses
by Kevin Whibley

All text and images
Copyright Kevin Whibley 2015

Smart Phone Society

Technology is changing
The society we love
But the biggest change, our smart phone
In our hand sits like a glove

Pub debates are pointless
When you can Google who is right
And the pub quiz is redundant
As an entertainment night

We use to watch a children’s play
But now we view it through our phone
We’ve lost the joy of being there
Just to watch again at home

Concerts, don’t get me started
All the hands above their heads
They use to clap and stamp their feet
Now their phone’s up there instead

Each weekend we plan a great day out
To get away from home
And we like to pick a nice spot
To go and stare upon our phone

On holiday a selfie
“I must put it on Facebook”
Just to invite round a burglar
To my home to take a look

On my birthday I would get some Cards
Or better still, friends would come round
Perhaps we’d go out for a drink
Now just red dots abound

If your friends, did not call you
You’d assume, “I wasn’t home”
Now if not returned in minutes
You’d hate them, be sad, alone

Once upon a time
Your mum would call you in for tea
Now she Google Calendars alarms
Or text messages for free

School reports, once paper things
Parent’s signature you’d fake
Now they’re buzzed home to their smart phone
For a rollicking to take

You want to park your car today
But you don’t have the right App.
You’ve no 3G to download it
Now your good day’s just gone crap

The Dartford tunnel crossing
Or London’s congestion charge
Have not been made much simpler
Now your phone’s the new payage

You want to get a train time
You have to look it up on-line
But once they had some timetables
And frankly that worked fine

I need to make a phone call
“It’s urgent”, “I’m in a rush”
But first I must negotiate
With a child on Candy Crush

The original phone was "mobile"
Suitcase battery you would take
Now more Mobile but more Fragile
Drop it once, the screen will break

My dear Nokia three three ten
There was always power for chat
Now three calls, one game of Angry Birds
And my batteries going flat

An information super highway
Is sat there in our hand
But what they charge for data
Is what I don’t understand

4G compared to wifi
The numbers don’t compare
With one unlimited and fast
The other never there

But we’re more inclined to moan about
What we pay for milk and bread
Than what we pay for data
“For without data, we’d be dead”

Story Behind The Verse
How our world is changed by our love of our phone, not always if ever for the better

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All text and images
Copyright Kevin Whibley 2015