The Rambling Verses
by Kevin Whibley

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Tax Dodging Corporations

I wish my little firm was big
So life would be less taxing
If my HQ was based off shore
Things would be more relaxing

I have a bit in common
With Starbucks and Amazon
I sell my goods to UK folk
But there ends comparison

When working out my corporate tax
I have to calculate
The gap between my sales and costs
Pay a percentage, never late

When I opened up my little Shop
I did not negotiate
"Because I'm bringing business in
Can I pay a different rate?"

But somehow it is justified
When firms are really big
That they can set all their own rules
It's just in for a dig

They say they bring employment
But they're taking it away
As many of the jobs were done
In an independent way

"But if we tax them normally
They'll take profits away
To a country with a lower rate
So the less they'll have to pay"

So why can't my own little Shop
Take my profits elsewhere?
Because these tricks are closed to me
And it's morally unfair

The fact is really simple
Our tax systems out of date
The whole world needs to deal with this
And a new one instigate

A simple rule would be a help
You pay tax where you trade
You cannot just decide to change
The location profits made

If you sell it in a country
Even if sold from afar
You deduct your cost and pay your tax
wherever your sales are

And if that's a bit too much for you
Then go and sell elsewhere
Because the cost of what your doing
Just simply isn't fair

If you're not paying taxes
Whilst you compete with me
You're not just stealing customers
You're stealing from society

12 - 13/10/2015
Story Behind The Verse

Following the announcement that Facebook paid under £5k in corporation tax.


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All text and images
Copyright Kevin Whibley 2015