The Rambling Verses
by Kevin Whibley

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Copyright Kevin Whibley 2015

What is Facebook?

Zuckerberg gave us Facebook,
An amazing idea
Allowing people to chat,
wether distant or near

They can type, be themselves,
their identity
And then can tell the whole world
what they had for their tea

But our tea time treats
aren't for general consumption
So those clever chaps
made an additional function

In this new social world
you could pick all your friends
Keeping slightly more private
your new tea time trends

What about, going out
in this virtual world
A new application
would soon be unfurled

Groups were created
on subjects diverse
From the boring, exciting
and sometimes perverse

These allowed people
to chat on new topics
From new tea ideas
to future robotics

The world found a forum
for like minded folks
And a chance to meet nutters
and laugh at their jokes

Groups are fantastic
for discussions and chats
But the bigger they get
they are 1% twats

Admins endeavour
to deal with the factions
But what ever you post
There'll be over reactions

But corporate people
soon saw how they could
Befriend you, and meet you
and tell you they're good

But would you want Tesco
to know all you do
What you have for tea
and how often you poo

So instead of allowing
these companies to be
Personal identities
like you and me

They created them pages
on which they could sit
Expounding their virtues
and selling you shit

If you like these pages,
there's no one to blame
When each morning you wake
to the bland and inane

You have right of reply,
let them know what you think
"I love your new car
but the colours do stink"

So that's it in a nut shell
Idents, Groups and Pages
It's had me confused
for ages and ages

They all look the same
in a corporate way
But I hope it's all clearer
after today.

So when asking to join,
liking or friending
Think what you're doing
what info you're sending

If you don't want the world
to know your tea time affair
Check your privacy settings
or we'll all be aware.

April 2015
Story behind the verse
Following a debate on different Facebook Structures I wrote this verse to try and explain.

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All text and images
Copyright Kevin Whibley 2015