The Rambling Verses
by Kevin Whibley

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Copyright Kevin Whibley 2015

When I Die.

When I die, I hope I die
So I don't have to see
An omnipresent vision
Of the world that's around me

The people that will miss me
Their sadness I can't bear
I do not wish upon them
That they cry because they care

There'll be those who did not like me
Perhaps pleased that I'm not there
I don't want to know what's said of me
Even though I shouldn't care

The bulk will be indifferent
Which is really fair enough
But watching them just carry on
Could be very tough

And then there is the bickering
The fighting and the hate
I wont be there to help them through
For then it's just too late

Watching future generations
To see the lives they make
But watching from behind thick glass
Would be difficult to take

I do not say there is no God
To have us as his guest
But I hope that if I join him
He will simply let me rest

So when I die I hope I die
I think it's just as well
I'll be glad to live in others hearts
Much else would just be Hell


Story behind the verse
I was thinking that seeing the world from a higher vantage point may not be all it is cracked up to be.

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All text and images
Copyright Kevin Whibley 2015